Disease & Insect control

The foundation of disease and insect control needs to be based on strategies that emphasize prevention located within the life of the farm.
When applicable, the following techniques need to be demonstrably utilized to their maximum potential in order for a farm to import permissible pest control materials.

A- Botanical species diversity
B- Predator habitat
C- Biological antagonism
D- Balanced crop nutrition
E- Attention to light penetration and airflow
F- Conscious use of the biodynamic preparations
G- Crop rotation
The use of synthetic chemicals to control pests, weeds, and fungal, viral or other diseases, or the use of hormones to regulate or manipulate the growth of crops, is prohibited. Soaps, diatomaceous earth, homemade Bordeaux mixes, and other substances legally allowed for organic use may be permitted for use on the biodynamic farm in consultation with Demeter. Only such measures of control can be taken as are generally allowed within the Farm Standard and existing laws.

Sulfur is widely used to prevent and control fungal diseases. It should be used only as needed, not consistently. Experience suggests that continuous or excessive use (100-150#/ac/yr) contributes to decreased soil biological activity and compromises the health and vitality of soil life. Alternatives exist which can be used separately or in combination with biodynamic preparations to greatly reduce the amount of sulphur.

Copper products are limited to a maximum of 3# Cu/ac/year and, if possible, 1#/application.

Note: Pay close attention to the brands of pest control materials used concerning all ingredients and inert ingredients in their formulations. Brands used must not contain any materials prohibited for use by these Standards.

Note: This is an excerpt of "Biodynamic Farm Standard (2010). Demeter Association Inc."