Weed control

The foundation of weed control needs to be based on strategies that emphasize prevention located within the life of the farm.
When applicable, the following techniques need to be demonstrably utilized to their maximum potential in order for permissible weed control materials (including petroleum to run tractors) to be imported.
   A- Timing of planting

   B- Understanding of weed species life cycle
   C- Adjusting fertility conditions that promote certain weed species
   D- Shade/ crop canopy
   E- Mulching
   F- Crop rotation

If mulching is used, it is preferable that the materials be produced on the farm. If this is not possible, mulching materials from outside the farm must be chosen with care. Petroleum-based mulching material must be removed before they decompose and/or become embedded in the soil, and materials used should be durable enough to allow for reuse.

Note: This is an excerpt of "Biodynamic Farm Standard (2010). Demeter Association Inc."